November 2, 20200

‘A vegan kebab? A vegan kebab?’ You’re not the first person to screw up your face when you heard all about our award-winning vegan doner kebab. “What on Earth is in a vegan kebab?” It’s a good question – and you’re asking the right people! To many, a meatless doner kebab is like summer without […]


November 2, 20200

There’s nothing more satisfying than dipping a freshly fried hot chip into an unctuous aioli and feeling the sharp punch of garlic on your tongue.  In case you were wondering, aioli is not fancy mayonnaise, it has its own identity. Mayonnaise and aioli are similar in that they are both made by emulsion (forcing together […]


September 24, 20200

Rice pudding. If you grew up in the UK, this might remind you of school dinners – warm and often with a skin on top that you were expected to force down. But rice pudding actually has an exciting origin and, when done right, this dish is rich, indulgent and has a delicious flavour.  Rice […]


September 11, 20202

We all crave a naughty trip to the kebab shop from time to time. It feels incredibly indulgent – döner strips glistening and stacked up, ladened with chilli sauce, salad and creamy tzatziki. But when you pop down to your local takeaway, do you really know what you’re eating?  Is it lamb? Is it chicken? Is […]


August 18, 20200

The plethora of vegan delights in fun-filled Brighton make it a little different to the rest of the nation’s seaside escapes. Forget fighting over fish and chips with seagulls or scowling at the price of an ice cream cone: Brighton has ripped up the rulebook with a vibrant vegan revolution. The stylish seaside town is held […]


August 8, 20200

It’s 2020. We have been living through a global pandemic, and now we are looking down the barrel of an economic recession. Like us, you might be reconsidering how and where you spend your hard earned cash during this period. You might be looking to make a conscious effort to shop small and support local […]


August 7, 20200

We are excited to announce that What The Pitta has been awarded a Tripadvisor 2020 Traveller’s Choice Award, meaning that we are in the top 10% of restaurants worldwide.  Each year, Tripadvisor combs through reviews, ratings and saves from Travellers everywhere, and uses that information to award the very best restaurants. The award is based […]


August 5, 20200

At What The Pitta, we prepare all of our ingredients from scratch, including the delicious tzatziki that we serve on both with our döners, chip boxes and falafel wraps.  What is tzatziki (Cacik)?  Used as a sauce or dip, tzatziki comes from the food of Southeast Europe and the Middle East. It’s traditionally made with […]


July 24, 20200

Step aside sad fruit salads and lemon sorbet lacking any zing… The time of luxurious and decadent vegan desserts has arrived. Camden is quickly becoming a vegan ‘go-to’ for food lovers, with brands such as Temple of Seitan, Rudy’s Dirty Vegan Diner and of course, What the Pitta, taking up residence.   So for those of […]