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5 Reasons To Support Small Vegan Businesses

August 8, 2020

It’s 2020. We have been living through a global pandemic, and now we are looking down the barrel of an economic recession. Like us, you might be reconsidering how and where you spend your hard earned cash during this period. You might be looking to make a conscious effort to shop small and support local businesses, instead of nipping down to the local supermarket. The good news is, by making these choices, you can make a big difference to people’s livelihoods.

Here are our top five reasons to support small vegan businesses:

1. You are supporting people, not a faceless corporation. 

small vegan business

Small vegan businesses are created and run by individuals who put their time, care and undivided attention into their products. Small business owners have to be detail-oriented so that their business thrives. You don’t get the same experience when you buy from a large company. When you buy from a small business, you will be guaranteed a product that has been made with love.

2. It’s where innovation happens! 

Small vegan businesses are a hub for innovation and creativity. This is where innovative concepts and new ideas are generated. As veganism trickles more and more into the mainstream market, large brands look to small vegan businesses for ideas and inspiration. By supporting these businesses, you are supporting their product innovation, and in turn, bringing more vegan products into the general market.

3. You’re supporting your local community.

Imagine your local high street without any small businesses. These shops are the lifeblood of a community – they bring individuality and vibrancy to our neighbourhoods. When you shop at these small vegan businesses, you are directly putting money back into your own community so it can continue to grow.

4. You are directly helping the climate crisis

Small vegan businesses are more likely to create their goods using locally sourced products. These products often have a reduced carbon footprint when it comes to both packaging and transportation, and so have less impact on the environment.

In 2019, the International Panel on Climate Change reported that the effect that agriculture and other human activity is having on soil, is a major carbon sink alongside forests and the oceans*. The production of animal products is having a huge impact on the climate, and we can reduce this impact by eating a vegan diet. By supporting a small vegan business, you are making a positive difference to the planet we live on.

5. You’re helping someone achieve their dream.

This may sound a bit fluffy, but when you buy from a small vegan business, you are directly helping someone to achieve their dream. Each and every one of these small businesses will have unique products, and it’s likely that the business owner works day and night to make their dream a reality. So not only are you buying a great item, you’re buying the feeling of having done something great.


  • How does going vegan help save the planet? Here are the facts by Matt Reynolds | Wired.
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