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Cruelty-Free Convenience: Why Vegan Takeaways Are Reshaping the Way We Dine

June 28, 2023

You know the deal by now, the vegan revolution is in full swing, and vegan takeaway shops are leading the charge! Did you know that an impressive one in nine British youngsters between 18 and 24 have embraced a vegan diet, and the number of plant-based enthusiasts has quadrupled since 2014? It’s a great time to be part of this delicious plant-based revolution. 


Imagine this: by opting for vegan options, you're not only treating your taste buds but also doing a solid for the planet, which is a very good thing to do if you ask us. So what are the sustainability benefits of vegan takeaway shops, and how can you make a difference without compromise? That's a very good question, and we have a very good answer. Now get ready for a mouthful of sustainability as we dive into the green perks of vegan takeaways. 


1) Reduces greenhouse gas emissions


One of the greatest perks of going vegan is the massive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. We're talking significant positive impact on our planet here! According to the brilliant minds at Oxford University, if everyone hopped aboard the plant-based train, our individual carbon footprints would shrink by a jaw-dropping 73%! Just imagine that for a second. No more reading ingredients and being awkward at parties. 

It's a place we'd definitely want to live in, and based on the youngsters coming up and their love for plant-based goodies, it might not be such a far-fetched idea. 


The entire process of producing animal products, especially beef and dairy, is a greenhouse gas extravaganza. From chopping down trees for pastures to churning out animal feed and dealing with mountains of waste, it all adds to a serious environmental nightmare.


But fear not! By embracing a plant-powered lifestyle, you're taking a bold step towards combatting climate change. It's time to say goodbye to those sky-high emissions and hello to a greener, more sustainable future. So, grab a delicious vegan kebab from What The Pitta and join the movement making a real difference for our planet. Let's eat our way to a healthier Earth, one mouthwatering bite at a time!


2) Reduce nitrous oxide pollution


Hold onto your vegan kebabs, folks, because we've got another environmental secret to share! Plant-based takeaways, just like our beloved vegan kebab shops, are doing their part in slashing the levels of nitrous oxide in our atmosphere. 

You may not have heard much about this sneaky emission, but trust us, it's a big deal. Nitrous oxide hangs around in our atmosphere for over a century before it can break down naturally, wreaking havoc all the while.

Guess who's the main offender behind these emissions? You got it—animal agriculture takes the crown. Yeah, we know...but by ditching meat and making that switch to a vegan alternative for your Saturday night takeaway or Sunday morning hangover (available, of course, on Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat), you're doing your part to give Mother Earth a much-needed breather. 


3) Conserves water

It's not just about reducing emissions; we're also saving water like superheroes! Brace yourselves for this mind-blowing stat: the animal agriculture industry guzzles an insane amount of water. 


Can you believe that a little quarter-pounder beef burger requires the equivalent of 23 showers? Imagine getting a little burger; you must stop showering for 23 days! Then people will start seeing the direct connection between animal agriculture and the environment. 


Water scarcity is a massive environmental issue, impacting millions of people worldwide. It's all about ensuring everyone has access to this precious resource. With each bite, you're helping to save water and pave the way towards a more sustainable future.


4) Preserves habitats and protects the land

Meeting the insatiable demand for meat takes up an excessive amount of land—believe it or not, nearly a third of the entire Earth's landmass is devoted to this process. And here's the problem: the deforestation required to sustain this demand is wreaking havoc and worsening our climate crisis, adding extra pressure to an already vulnerable environment. 

When it comes to land usage, plant-based foods are the superheroes of the story. They require way less land compared to their meaty counterparts. In fact, if everyone jumped on the vegan bandwagon, we could save an area equivalent to the size of Europe, America, China, and Australia combined! Now that's what we call an eco-win!



5) Help combat world hunger

You're contributing to the fight against world hunger by switching to plant-based foods. Can you believe it? Nearly 10% of our global population suffers from food scarcity ( yes, in 2023). As climate change intensifies, our current food production system is bound to face even more disruptions.


By reducing our meat consumption, we can free up precious land currently occupied by grazing animals and transform it into fertile ground for producing essential food for people. It's like a superhero cape for your taste buds, empowering you to make a real difference in the fight against hunger.

So, as you savour each bite of your vegan kebab from What The Pitta, remember that you're treating yourself to incredible flavours and playing a part in a global mission, your choice matters, and it's time to feed both body and soul with compassion, one delicious vegan kebab at a time.



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Has all this talk of vegan kebabs and plant-based foods left you feeling peckish? Here at What The Pitta, we’re the home of the original vegan döner, and you can find our delicious stores across London, Brighton and Manchester – so come and pay us a visit and treat yourself (and the planet!).

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