Q: IS YOUR MENU 100% VEGAN? A: What The Pitta! is 100% vegan + plant-based. Our menu is free of meat, dairy and egg products and contains no saturated animal fats. Q: HOW FRESH IS YOUR FOOD? A: We prepare all of our menu items from scratch, including our breads, humous, tzatziki and sauces. Salads are chopped daily. Our baklava is delivered freshly baked weekly. Q: HOW MANY CALORIES ARE THERE IN YOUR DÖNERS? Our döners contain around 700-800kcal depending on your fillings. You can also ask for your marinated soya pieces to be fried without oil to reduce the calories.  Q: WHAT IS YOUR RESERVATION POLICY? A: Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations at our Boxpark premises but there is a lot of seating available during non-peak hours. Q: WHAT’S GOING ON WITH DELIVERY? A: What The Pitta! is available for delivery on both UberEATS and Deliveroo up to 3km distance from our Shoreditch, Camden and Croydon store. This can vary depending on the availability of drivers and their mode of transport so one day it may appear in the app and others not so please be patient with it and try again every so often. Q: DO YOU DO STUDENT DISCOUNTS? A: YES! Just show us a valid student pass (without your thumb over the photo and/or expiry date) and we’ll sort you out with 10% off your bill. Q: WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO CONTACT WHAT THE PITTA!? A: For all general inquiries and/or immediate assistance, it’s best to email hello@whatthepitta.com. For all press inquiries, please email cem@whatthepitta.com. Unfortunately, we are unable to answer the phone during normal operating hours, so email is best. Q: DOES WHAT THE PITTA! OFFER ANY NUT-FREE MENU ITEMS? A: Yes! We do offer nut-free options including our döners. While What The Pitta! is proud to offer menu items with nut-free ingredients, What The Pitta! is not a nut-free environment. Our Baklava contains almonds and our humous contains sesame seeds from the tahini used so request your döner without humous if you’re sensitive to sesame seeds too.  Q: DOES WHAT THE PITTA! OFFER GLUTEN-FREE OPTIONS? A: Not at the moment and because we make our breads fresh to order, there is flour flying around so it could cross contaminate food items.

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