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Vegan Wedding Catering

Say "I Do" to Scrumptious Vegan Kebabs & Gyros with What The Pitta Wedding Catering!

Hey there, beautiful souls! Ready to tie the knot and dance the night away under a sky full of stars? What The Pitta is here to sprinkle some plant-based magic on your big day. Imagine biting into the most delicious, Instagram-worthy vegan kebabs and gyros you've ever dreamed of—because your wedding catering feast should be as fabulous and forward-thinking as you are!

Why You'll Love Getting Hitched with the What The Pitta food truck on your team:

Flavourful Feasts, Fabulous Vibes: Dive into a world where award winning vegan kebabs and gyros are the stars of the show, and boring wedding catering menus are a thing of the past. Our dishes are a love letter to plant-based perfection, promising to wow your taste buds (even the meat eaters!) 

Eco-Chic Celebrations: Picture this—your favourite people, laughing and toasting to your happiness, all while stuffing your faces with our good karma kebabs. Choosing What The Pitta for your vegan wedding catering means you're not just saying yes to each other; you're saying yes to our beautiful planet, too.

Passionate Party Partners: We're not just foodies; we're love-story enthusiasts with a knack for turning your vegan wedding into the ultimate feastival. Our team is here to ensure everything goes off without a hitch—except, you know, your actual hitching!

Choosing Vegan Catering for your Wedding no longer means compromising on flavour. Let's Get This Plant-Based Party Started - Fill Out The Form Below and We'll Get Back to You ASAP!

Please note we do not take wedding catering bookings during festival season between June & July as our Food Truck is in use.  

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